Lenovo Thinkpad L520 Review

Lenovo Thinkpad L520 15.6 inch laptop

Lenovo Thinkpad L520 15.6 inch laptop

Finally my Lenovo Thinkpad L520 has arrived. This is my second Thinkpad laptop, the first was the IBM Thinkpad A31 which still runs Windows XP. I’ve always wanted to buy another Thinkpad Laptop, but the price is always make me look the other way, but when Lenovo started to offer an affordable Thinkpad in the form of the Edge Series and L Series, I new that when it’s time to replace my aging Dell Vostro it would be a Thinkpad.

I bought my Thinkpad L520 at Lenovo.com for a sale price of only $582.99 way less than what I paid for my Dell Vostro 1500 back in 2007.


Screen resolution 1600×900
Screen size 15.6in
Display technology LED-backlit LCD
Colour Black
Graphics card Intel HD Graphics 3000
Graphics card type Integrated
Optical media supported CD, DVD
DVD drive type Read and write
Battery type Rechargeable
Removable battery Yes
Power supply AC, Battery
Battery size (milliamp hours – mAh) 2600
CPU type Intel Core i5
Processor speed 2.40GHz
Processor type Intel Core i5-2430M
Operating system Windows 7 (64-bit), Windows 7 Professional
Drive speed 7200rpm
Hard drive interface SATA
Internal storage 720GB
Supported memory media SD
Warranty information Depot/Express Warranty
Warranty length (months) 12
Wired Terminals / Ports eSATA, Gigabit Ethernet, USB 2.0, VGA (D-sub)
Bluetooth Yes
Wi-Fi (wireless networking) Yes
Wireless technology supported WiMax, Bluetooth, Wireless 802.11a, Wireless 802.11g, Wireless 802.11n
Security Fingerprint Reader

This L520 is powered by a Intel Core i5-2430M with a 5gb of DDR3 RAM on board which is all I need for now. The T Series is probably a better choice in many aspects, but the L520 in my opinion is the best bang for the buck.


The display on my ThinkPad L520 is a WXGA++ with a resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels, which is perfect for me. I edit / post process a lot of photos in Lightroom and Photoshop and the 1600 x 900 is just the right size. I would prefer a full 1920 x 1080, but it’s not available in the L520, but that is ok, I hook up a 23 inch Acer Monitor ( 1920 x 1080 ) 2nd monitor which I use as my primary display when postprocess photos.

Ports from left to right - VGA, Gigabit Ethernet, eSATA, and Display Port

Ports from left to right – VGA, Gigabit Ethernet, eSATA, and Display Port


I cannot think of anything that I would need to work onsite or offsite that is not in the L520, in the left side is the VGA Port, Gigabit Ethernet, eSATA+USB, and a Display Port,  expresscard slot which I now use for my Lexar 8gb SSD to store Lightroom RAW Cache..

Two USB, DVD/CD, Power Connection

Two USB, DVD/CD, Power Connection

In the right, flash card reader, 2 USB 2.0,  and power connection. In the back is another USB 2.0 which makes it a total of 4 usb 2.0


Network connection can be establish via 1 gigabit ethernet port, a wireless 802.11 b/g/n, wi max, and bluetooth 3.0.

The features of the Thinkpad L520 for me is just right, it performs fast with the Intel Core I5, memory is upgradable to 8gb. I have upgraded the included 7200rpm hard drive to a Seagate Momentus XT 750 GB 7200RPM SATA 6Gb/s 32 MB Cache 2.5 Inch Solid State Hybrid Drive ST750LX003 which really improve the overall performance of the already capable L520.

For those people who want’s reliability and performance without the high price tag, I can highly recommend this Thinkpad L520 and for those who are looking for a smaller package the Thinkpad L420 may be the right one for you.

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