Speed Up Your Old Android Phone with the Right Apps

T-Mobile / LG G2X

T-Mobile / LG G2X

I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I’ve last written a post, time flies indeed. Anyway, I recently reset my T-Mobile G2X back to factory settings and I felt the need to write a post about the apps that I have installed in the phone. This was the second time I have reset my phone back to factory settings after almost two years of continuosly using it. The apps that I choose to install on my phone boosts it’s performance and prolong it’s usability, and with this combination of apps it gave my old phone a new life.

Just a quick note, for this to work,  root access to the phone is a must. Here’s a great post on how to root your T-Mobile G2X.

The Apps:

  • Link2SD – Now that I’ve got root access, the first thing I did was to install Link2SD. Link2SD is an application that makes it easy for Android 1.6+ users with root privileges on their phone to move applications to the SD card, I mean real SD Card, so if you have a 8, 16 or 32gb SD Card on your phone, you can literally use it to store applications, not just your regular apps, but even android’s system files. Here’s a great post from aroundandroid.com that will help you install and configure Link2SD. 


  • Root App Delete, For me it’s one of the best App ever created. With Root App Delete, I was able to disable all unneeded system files that are taking up too much memory on my G2X. Now I have plenty of memory to use for my important apps, this, together with Link2SD makes my phone runs faster and really a joy to use.

Root App Delete

  • Easy Cache Cleaner or App Cache Cleaner are two Cache cleaner that I’ve use and highly recommend, both are easy to use, install and very lite to maintain. For me a cache cleaner app is a must for android devices, cache files or temporary files are created by apps installed on our phone and these files occupy precious storage space on our phone. We can reclaim these lost space using these cache cleaner apps.  I like them both, App Cache Cleaner has the ability to automatically clear cache at a specified time, Easy Cache Cleaner doesn’t, but  it offers a nicer interface. I’m using easy cache cleaner for a month now and so far I have not found any negative side effects on my phone.
Eacy Cache Cleaner

Eacy Cache Cleaner

With these three apps, my old T-Mobile G2X, runs like brand new, snappy and really pleasant to use. Thanks to the developers.

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