The Best Call Blocking App for Android Phones



I have been using Google Voice since 2003 and I am very happy and satisfied with the service. My favorite Google Voice feature is the Spam Filter and the Call Blocking feature that is built into it. But, what about if you get annoying calls on your mobile phone number and not your google voice no? What can you do to protect yourself from these people who wants to ruin your day and waste your airtime minutes?

The answer is Calls Blacklist. Calls Blacklist is a Call blocker and SMS Filter, it blocks unwanted calls and SMS and it also features an easy to manage blacklist.


This application both blocks unwanted calls and SMS, and helps manage a blacklist. Easy and lightweight, it does not consume any of your device’s battery power. If you are looking for a call blocker or SMS spam filter, this application is what you need.

You can either block any number from your contacts list, calls, and messages logs, or add unwanted number manually.

Numbers from the blacklist are blocked quietly and without any signs of a call. Whatever you do, you will not be distracted by phone calls or SMS.

Calls Blacklist saves all blocked calls and SMS in a journal. Don’t worry, you will never lose any important call or message.

This call blocker also boasts some convenient setting options, such as the ability to block private numbers, or to disable notifications.


  • Numbers blacklist (blocking incoming calls and SMS)
  • Blocked calls and SMS journal
  • Blocking anonymous (private) numbers
  • Blocking all incoming calls
  • Blocking all incoming SMS
  • Notification of blocked calls and SMS (can be disabled in the settings)
  • Password protection


  • Did I mentioned it’s free?
  • Lightweight, does not require a lot of memory and CPU resources
  • Well design
  • It works on all our phones (HTC T-Mobile MyTouch 4g Slide and LG G2X)
  • Easy to Use


  • So far none. I have added more than 10 numbers in my Blacklist since I started using it and work great.

3I have used other Call blocking apps in the past, but this is by far the best I’ve used. I used it hand in hand with google voice and together they work great in blocking unwanted spam callers. By default, Calls blacklist does not hang up the phone, what it does is, it sends all block calls to voicemail without ringing the phone. Since I’m using google voice as my voicemail service provider, all my block calls are automatically sent to google voice which also filters spam callers, and if the block phone number is in google’s global spam filter google and sends it directly to Spam folder. Also the annoying caller will hear the following “Not in Service” message.


If you are looking for a call blocker for your android phone, this is it. I highly recommend you try it out. I’m pretty sure you’ll love it. You can download Calls Blacklist – Call Blocker on Google Play.

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