Why is Google Chrome Using So Much Memory

chromeGoogle Chrome is my favorite browser, it’s like next to nothing. For me IE is dead, when Chrome was release. I like Chrome because of it’s simple layout and it’s so easy to use and best of all, it’s fast.

But lately, I’ve notice that Chrome has been using up a lot of memory making it slow, sluggish. Actually while I was writing this post, Chrome is using up more than 4gb of ram. So I went on a hunt to find the culprit.



First I use Windows Task Manager to see what’s going on. You can see in the screenshot that Chrome and all of it’s open tabs are using up a lot of memory. Now we have to find out why. Unfortunately windows task manager isn’t  a big help.

Luckily Chrome has a built-in task manager:


Chrome’s task manager can be invoke by press Shift + Esc. The task manager shows you how much memory every tab and extensions are using. Once you identified the culprit you can then terminate it. The most likely culprit in this situation is the extension, sometimes extensions can be the reason why google chrome is sluggish.



I found out that these two extensions in the screenshot above was the reason my Google Chrome is bugging down. After I remove them, everything was fast, chrome is back to it’s old self, responsive, quick, you name it.

So next time you notice that your google chrome browser is slow, invoke it’s built-in task manager to find out which one is the culprit that’s how I identified the two extensions that was causing the problem. You can also go directly to your extensions setting and remove or disable them all.

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